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eBeam Testimonials

 I’m one of those people that always wants the “real” story.  I prefer to read non-fiction and I love documentaries.  When I’m going to watch a movie, the first question I ask is, “Is this a true story?”.   That’s why I wanted to put some real quotes from real people on this blog.  The following quotations are from actual educators who have used eBeam.  I just picked a few of my favorites, but please feel free to visit for the complete testimonial stories from actual eBeam users.  Very cool.

“With the eBeam, students can actually interact with the presentations… it gets them up and moving.”  Michelle Farnum, Special Education Teacher, VandenBerge Middle School, Elk River, MN

“With the eBeam, my presentation locations are not where there is already installed product or a mounted projector or a full set up.  I can take it with me and turn any place into an interactive environment.  The eBeam allows me to have anytime, anywhere, just in time training.”  and “When I use this at meetings with teachers and principals, they are absolutely amazed by this device.”  Joseph Cannella, Supervisor of Instruction, Radnor Township School District, Wayne, PA

“The eBeam Edge just makes teaching easier!”  Erik Wittmer, 5th Grade Teacher, Park Hills Elementary, Hanover, PA

“Learning styles, interests, and backgrounds differ greatly from one of my students to the next.  As a teacher, it’s my goal to level the playing field, and my eBeam system allows me to do that.  I can use numerous resources to ensure that each lesson is customized and contextualized for all of my unique learners.”  Jeff Caswell, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Arlington Middle School, Arlington, TN

“When we study Language Arts, the words that my ESL students don’t recognize verbally are made clear through visual examples that I can pull up in seconds.” and “I have one student in particular that is on an Individual Education Plan, and he is infinitely more responsive and engaged when we are utilizing the eBeam system, especially when he gets to use it himself at the board.  He latches onto the information.”  Robert Pronovost, 2nd Grade Teacher, Belle Haven ElementarySchool, Menlo Park, CA