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Teacher’s First Day with eBeam

So, this is an actual email that my boss received from one of our customers, a teacher in Southeast Missouri.  This was only this teacher’s first day using the eBeam in her classroom, and yet she found so many ways to make her lessons more fun and interactive for her students.  I just wanted to share this because I’m so excited that she’s so excited, and I hope that we can introduce the eBeam and its benefits in the classroom to many, many more teachers, and share all this excitement!  Please read…

Hi Matthew,

Well, today was my first day using the E Beam and I just wanted to let you know what all I was able to do!!

Before school I opened up the Gallery and found the dominoes.  I was able to pull out 6 dominoes and line them up on the page.  Then I saved the page.  When it was time to do the activity I pulled the curtain over the dominoes and only showed one at a time.  The kids came up in pairs and sat on the floor.  I pulled the curtain back to show one domino and then the kids had to use a counting strategy we had practiced.  The first one to yell out the correct answer was the winner.  The only problem I had was that the pen started to write when I was pulling back the curtain but after that I was careful and that didn’t happen again.  Whatever…..I’ll figure that out.

We played two online math games—using the pen. 

I had trouble finding the “dice” this morning but I found them after lunch.  So at the end of the day we played a similar game using the dice.  I was able to use the little hand held thingie to roll the dice from the back of the room.  I know a child could have done that too, using the pen but I chose to roll myself when the players were ready.

During phonics I got the camera out and projected an image of a card showing spelling rules for the letters K and C.  The kids were able to see the card much better with my enlarging it.  Usually I just hold it up.  I did not try to save the image because I felt like I could get a better picture another time.  But I used the camera and projected the image so I felt successful with that. 

And finally, in the middle of naptime I brought out the timer and set it for 20 minutes…….the amount of time left and explained to the kids that the first number told them how many minutes were left.  They loved that and certainly kept their eyes on the timer.

Since it was raining and the kids didn’t get to go outside I showed them a DVD of Curious George.  We used the sound from the E beam and it was GREAT!!!

I thought I did rather well for the first day :-).

Thanks so much for your training yesterday.  I am really pumped about using the E Beam!!


Anne D.