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What is eBeam?

So, Luidia has created a new website entirely for eBeam that best reflects their products and partnerships, and offers an easy and engaging experience.  Cool!

Now users can:

  • Quickly find out what eBeam is and does – from the technology behind the products to real-life use cases.
  • Navigate easily between the different products and accessories to find the solution that fits their needs.
  • Contact us (Interior Dimension, Inc. in Ballwin, MO) directly to buy eBeam products, for special offers and for the personalized support that only we can provide.

So, check out to see for yourself!

Also, on the website is a little background story on how eBeam came to be.  Check that out at

Remember, we have an awesome website for eBeam also!  Check out for eBeam information, awesome prices and our contact information.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have.  We pride ourselves on our awesome customer service!