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Luidia in the News with Imago Deal

The following article tells about a new deal between Luidia and Imago (Leaders in audio visual and video conferencing technology, distribution and servicing in the UK).  I especially like the comments by Ian Vickerage, the mananging director of Imago Group.  He emphasizes that Luidia’s products are inexpensive, but still appealing to both business and education customers.  I, personally, am amazed at the awesome quality of Luidia’s products.  Then, when you realize that Luidia’s products are sold at just a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies, it  just adds to Luidia’s greatness!

I found the original article at

Old whiteboards go digital in Imago deal

UK resellers get access to Luidia display technology that converts old media to digital

Video comms specialist Imago has inked an exclusive distribution deal with US-based projection and interactive whiteboard technology manufacturer Luidia.

Ian Vickerage, managing director of Imago Group, said Luidia’s products should appeal to various business and education customers.

“We expect it to put whiteboard-style technology on the business map in a way that traditional whiteboards have failed to do so far,” he claimed.

Luidia’s products are not expensive, Vickerage said, which should suit the cash-strapped education market.

“There is a real opportunity here for resellers looking to provide customers with technology that can replace their broken whiteboards at a fraction of the cost, or make fresh use of existing whiteboards to improve communication and collaboration between teachers and students,” Vickerage added.

Luidia offers a device called eBeam Classic Projection that is aimed at converting traditional whiteboards, or any suitable flat surfaces, into interactive displays. Digital files on a laptop can then be put through a projector and shown to an audience; for example, in a business meeting.

One specific product, eBeam Edge Whiteboard, harnesses a computer to take content from a traditional whiteboard and turn it into a digital file. Other products include wireless tablet hardware.