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My name is Heather Fritz and I work for Interior Dimension, Inc. (IDI).  IDI is a small, friendly business that primarily sells office furniture in Missouri and Illinois.  Matt Brooks, who is the owner of IDI and also my boss, recently became interested in a very cool product- eBeam, the digital whiteboard solution from Luidia.  This occurred when one of our office furniture clients questioned Matt about smartboards.  Well, when my boss started doing some research, he found that eBeam is this amazing product that can be used in a variety of settings for all kinds of purposes.  He immediately decided that he wanted to become an authorized reseller for Luidia.  Matt then proceeded to tell our staff about his findings, and I was thoroughly impressed.  So, when he asked who wanted to become the eBeam guru, I quickly volunteered!  My background is in education, and though I haven’t taught in several years, I think the eBeam possibilities for teachers is unlimited.  I also have worked in different settings where I have had to train new employees, and the eBeam would have made that process incredibly easy.  Overall, like Matt found, I truly believe that eBeam is a remarkable product that could benefit all types of industries, and I’m eager to find out about all of its uses and applications.  Hence, this blog was born.


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  1. Hi Heather
    I am also an ex teacher and have been working with and selling eBeam for the last 4 years in Australia. You are right – eBeam is a very impressive product. I sell to mainly the K-12 Education market as the eBeam solution is at least 1/2 the price of traditional IWB solutions. For some ideas on resources you can use with ebeam (and to write about) feel free to have a look at my blog. http:\\

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