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An Unlimited Number of Whiteboard Screens

The trouble with whiteboards is they are one dimensional.  One surface, very flat and limited to their edges.  Once you write your stuff on them it’s locked in, can’t move, can’t be easily transported and shared.

Have you ever taken a picture of your whiteboard?  How difficult was it to see everything on it?  How many close ups did you need to take to get everything?  How hard was it to read?

Introducing – eBeam Scrapbook and Capture

Scrapbook and Capture are the programs that come with the eBeam products, eBeam Edge, eBeam Engage and eBeam Livewire.

Scrapbook works with a projected surface either with your projector or on a large TV, monitor or Big Screen.  It allows you to develop an unlimited number of whiteboard screens directly on your computer.  Draw, design, text, add pictures, insert graphs, web pages – it is truly a full service whiteboarding tool.  And when you are finished (of course you are never finished) you can save the file, send it as 9 different formats or share it with your group.

eBeam Scrapbooks showing unlimited screens

eBeam Scrapbook showing Tools Palette and tools available

Capture works directly on your whiteboard without a projector or monitor.  EVERYTHING you write and draw is transferred immediately to your computer where you can save it.  After your finished on the whiteboard the software allows you to edit, add to, change and then save your work in up to 9 different formats.

eBeam Capture showing tools and unlimited quantity of screens

Oh, and both of the programs allow you record your sessions in real time and you can conduct online meetings where you share the contents of each program with the participants.

So, check out Scrapbook and Capture and see how you can take your meetings to the next level.

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