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Archive for January, 2014

Taking Pictures of Whiteboards

I recently saw a post about some of the great apps that have been developed using smart phones and tablets to take pictures of people whiteboards. Some are very cool.

But I have to ask, what can you do with it? It is a picture and pictures are 1 dimensional. Yes you can share it easily, you can pass it around and post it. But it is still one-dimensional.

Might I suggest that you take a look at eBeam Capture. With Capture attached to your eBeam Edge or Engage you no longer need to take pictures.


Capture allow you to collect everything as you write it onto your computer into the Capture Program. Capture contains an unlimited number of white screens that you draw your stuff into.

Once on the computer the fun really begins. Add to what you have developed, duplicate, copy, paste, alter, change, erase, group, ungroup, change layering, add text, add shapes. And once you are done . . . .

Pass it around as a Capture file (native file format), PDF, JPEG, GIF, Powerpoint. Truly this is a more productive way to using your whiteboarding session.

So check out Capture at today and see what you can do.

Thanks for reading.