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The eBeam Educational Product Family

The eBeam Education product family.

eBeam technology makes it easy to go interactive. Depending on your needs and your budget, you’ll find an eBeam system that fits your situation perfectly and brings rich interactivity to your classroom quickly and affordably.

eBeam Edge

With your existing projector and eBeam Edge, any flat surface can be a lively interactive workspace in minutes. Whatever you project—from Office documents to web pages to images—becomes dynamic content that you can mark up, manipulate, and share.

eBeam Engage

With its High Fidelity JBL speakers and microphone, one-touch recording, interactive stylus, and wireless keyboard, Engage turns any flat surface in your classroom into an interactive multimedia experience.

Choose the right eBeam product

Depending on your needs, your budget, and your existing equipment, there’s an eBeam system that’s a perfect fit for you.  Then check out our website at to find awesome prices on your chosen products.



Awesome New eBeam Deal!

A Buddy for
your Bluetooth Edge!

From November 1, 2012 through February 15, 2013 every eBeam Edge Bluetooth product purchased comes with a USB Battery Pack ($49 value)!

The USB Battery Pack, connected with your eBeam Edge Bluetooth, allows for 50 hours of continuous power to the Edge:

  • Perfect solution for tech-savvy, on-the-move business professionals and educators using Windows
  • Eliminates the need to be close to a power outlet
  • Attaches to same surface as Edge with super-strong, reusable suction tape

Visit our website at to purchase your eBeam Edge Bluetooth today!

Check Out Our New Low eBeam Prices!

If you’ve been thinking about buying an eBeam product, now is the time!

We’ve lowered all of our already low prices!

Take a look at

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We take pride in our customer service!