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OK- so this post is a little bit different from my normal posts, but I came across these really cool drawings that this teacher had created on his whiteboard, and I just wanted to share them.  Good, talented artists really impress me, and the fact that this guy did his artwork on his whiteboard (and later just erased them!) is mind-blowing to me.  Also, he completed each piece on his lunch break of only 25 minutes.  Anyway, take a look…

Teacher creates amazing 25-minute whiteboard art – pictures

Published Wednesday, Jul 4 2012, 6:01pm EDT | By Charlotte Grant-West

A teacher in the US has unveiled his amazing collection of whiteboard artwork.

Gregory Euclide originally started to draw on the board at his school in Minnesota River Valley to relieve stress during his 25-minute lunch break.

Gregory Euclide whiteboard artwork

© Gregory Euclide

Euclide’s paintings are made from things lying around the classroom, such as whiteboard erasers, paper towels, brushes, spray bottles and Japanese Sumi ink, which is made from soot, water and glue.

He said of his artwork and the student’s reaction to it: “In our culture, there is a strong emphasis on reproduction and the original seems less important.

“My students were shocked when I would erase the original, because they saw it firsthand, and they were disturbed that it was destroyed.

“People who do not see the original have no problem only looking at it on a screen or as a print, but once you see the original it is hard to let it go or believe that it could be destroyed.”

Gregory Euclide whiteboard artwork

© Gregory Euclide

Euclide’s artwork is also on the front cover of Bon Iver’s 2012 Grammy Award-winning album.

The teacher is putting together a permanent version of his artwork in a special edition of ten portfolios called Laid Down & Wiped Away.

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