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Obviously, I’m a fan of interactive whiteboards in the classroom (especially eBeam products), but even I was pretty astounded when I read some of the statistics listed in the following article.  So, Simba Information, a market research company, found that interactive whiteboards are used in “29.5% of K-12 classrooms for at least 5.1 hours a day”, and “IWBs were found to have the most penetration of any recent tech device, with an average usage of over 70% in all major subject areas in elementary schools”!  Very cool!  It really makes me happy to hear that IWBs are being used so often in the classroom.  The benefits that IWBs provide for both teachers and students is incredible, and I believe that eBeam provides the very best in interactive whiteboard technology.  So, check out the following article and then visit our website at

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Interactive Whiteboards Used in 29.5% of Classrooms for At Least 5.1 Hours a Day: Simba Information

STAMFORD, CT–(Marketwire – Apr 16, 2012) – Publishing forecast firm Simba Information revealed interactive whiteboards (IWBs) were used in 29.5% of K-12 classrooms for at least 5.1 hours a day. In a recent report by the publisher, IWBs were found to have the most penetration of any recent tech device, with an average usage of over 70% in all major subject areas in elementary schools.

IWBs were reported to have had a significant impact on student achievement by 60.7% of respondents in an MCH Strategic Data survey. According to the report, almost as many teachers reported using IWBs for more than 5.1 hours a day as those who reported using them for less than 3 hours a day. “The biggest difference between our 2009 study and this report is the increased use of technology in the classroom,” said Kathy Mickey, senior analyst for Simba Information. “It’s becoming a norm that devices are used throughout the school day.”

IWBs are being used in all major subject areas, with the highest use in mathematics followed by reading/ELA, according to the report. IWBs are the leading new device and have become a tool for connecting educators to other new devices, such as clickers, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players and others. They are followed by desktop computers, laptops and projectors which have been around in schools much longer.

“Interactive Whiteboards have become a fixture in classrooms and are being used more by educators,” said Mickey. “They have helped spur the use of a spectrum of devices by enabling users to gain comfort with technology.”

The Simba Information report, “K-12 Tech Tools and Trends 2012,” is built around an MCH Strategic Data survey sent out to school district educators, administrators and technology directors who are responsible for implementing technology in the classroom. The report covers a plethora of devices, including interactive whiteboards, projectors, document cameras, desktop computers, laptop/netbook computers, tablet computers/iPads, eReaders, MP3 players/iPods, smartphones and student response systems/clickers. It reveals which technology tools are being deployed in the classroom, how much time is spent using them, and where the digital curriculum being used comes from. It also gives an insider’s look at the funding environment and the factors influencing purchasing decisions.

About Simba Information:
Simba Information is widely recognized as the authority for market intelligence in the media and publishing industries. Its extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspectives on the people, events and alliances shaping the industry. Simba routinely assists clients and the press with publishing and media industry analysis.


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