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eBeam Rocks Quebec!

How awesome!  Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec, has announced that over the next five years, he will have every kindergarten through 12th-grade classroom in Quebec equipped with interactive whiteboards and other technology products…  and Luidia and it’s eBeam technology will be there every step of the way!  Let’s hope that every K-12 classroom in America will someday also have an eBeam in every classroom.  We can help with that!  Check out our great prices at

I found the following article at:

January 25, 2012 08:00 ET

Luidia’s eBeam Technology Comes to 43,000 Classrooms and 72 School Boards Throughout Quebec

SAN CARLOS, CA–(Marketwire – Jan 25, 2012) – Luidia Inc. announced that eBeam technology can now be acquired by approximately 43,000 classrooms and 72 school boards throughout Quebec, increasing the global reach of the company’s technology.

During his fifth inaugural speech on February 24, 2011, Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, announced an investment of CDN$160 million over the next five years to equip every kindergarten through 12th-grade classroom with interactive whiteboards and other technology products. “Luidia is excited about the opportunity to help carry out the Premier’s mandate to bring new technologies into the classroom for thousands of Quebec students,” said Rafi Holtzman, CEO, Luidia.

Holtzman added, “Many traditional IWB solutions call for complicated implementations with costly modifications to existing suites. Now Quebec schools have the option of safeguarding their existing investments by adopting cutting-edge eBeam technology products, which are not only retrofittable and simple to install, but effective for teachers interested in increasing student participation in the classroom.”

Educational institutions can now purchase eBeam technology through Centre de services partagés du Quebec (CSPQ), the agency responsible for all of Quebec’s government acquisitions. Luidia valued partner and Canadian distributor, Oralys Inc., is designated the official supplier of eBeam technology to Quebec according to CSPQ’s recently published public tender and standing offer agreement for the acquisition of digital interactive boards and other equipment and software.

For more information on CSPQ and how eBeam technology can be purchased through the buying portal, visit:

Oralys Inc. is the leading Canadian company specializing in the research and development of user-centric, innovative assistive technology for people with speech and communication disorders and learning disabilities. Founded in 2001 in Montreal, the company strives to improve the communication, learning and organisational abilities of its users as well as to foster their integration at school, at work and in society, thus contributing to their quality of life. Distinguished by unrivalled service, personalized training and exemplary technical support, Oralys solutions are recognized and approved by various health and education government grants and assistive device programs. Oralys is also the proud distributor of eBeam interactive technology in Canada. For more information about Oralys, please visit

Luidia Inc. is the creator of interactive eBeam® technology that helps the world capture and share content. The company’s products are utilized by organizations of all sizes, with hundreds of thousands of users across multiple industries and geographies. Luidia also partners with industry leaders who apply eBeam® technology in their latest products. For more information on Luidia, please visit Luidia ( or on Twitter and Facebook.


eBeam Web Resources for Educators

The following is a link to pages upon pages of web resources for educators that can be found on Luidia’s website:  It provides lesson plans and activities, reference materials, classroom management tools, maps, images, videos, and much, much more.  The sites can be searched by using keywords in the search box, as well as by age range, subject, or type of site.  I think any educator would find this extensive collection of websites very impressive!  Being able to use these sites with eBeam would make lessons more enjoyable for students and teachers alike.  Take a look!

Teacher’s First Day with eBeam

So, this is an actual email that my boss received from one of our customers, a teacher in Southeast Missouri.  This was only this teacher’s first day using the eBeam in her classroom, and yet she found so many ways to make her lessons more fun and interactive for her students.  I just wanted to share this because I’m so excited that she’s so excited, and I hope that we can introduce the eBeam and its benefits in the classroom to many, many more teachers, and share all this excitement!  Please read…

Hi Matthew,

Well, today was my first day using the E Beam and I just wanted to let you know what all I was able to do!!

Before school I opened up the Gallery and found the dominoes.  I was able to pull out 6 dominoes and line them up on the page.  Then I saved the page.  When it was time to do the activity I pulled the curtain over the dominoes and only showed one at a time.  The kids came up in pairs and sat on the floor.  I pulled the curtain back to show one domino and then the kids had to use a counting strategy we had practiced.  The first one to yell out the correct answer was the winner.  The only problem I had was that the pen started to write when I was pulling back the curtain but after that I was careful and that didn’t happen again.  Whatever…..I’ll figure that out.

We played two online math games—using the pen. 

I had trouble finding the “dice” this morning but I found them after lunch.  So at the end of the day we played a similar game using the dice.  I was able to use the little hand held thingie to roll the dice from the back of the room.  I know a child could have done that too, using the pen but I chose to roll myself when the players were ready.

During phonics I got the camera out and projected an image of a card showing spelling rules for the letters K and C.  The kids were able to see the card much better with my enlarging it.  Usually I just hold it up.  I did not try to save the image because I felt like I could get a better picture another time.  But I used the camera and projected the image so I felt successful with that. 

And finally, in the middle of naptime I brought out the timer and set it for 20 minutes…….the amount of time left and explained to the kids that the first number told them how many minutes were left.  They loved that and certainly kept their eyes on the timer.

Since it was raining and the kids didn’t get to go outside I showed them a DVD of Curious George.  We used the sound from the E beam and it was GREAT!!!

I thought I did rather well for the first day :-).

Thanks so much for your training yesterday.  I am really pumped about using the E Beam!!


Anne D.

Luidia in the News with Imago Deal

The following article tells about a new deal between Luidia and Imago (Leaders in audio visual and video conferencing technology, distribution and servicing in the UK).  I especially like the comments by Ian Vickerage, the mananging director of Imago Group.  He emphasizes that Luidia’s products are inexpensive, but still appealing to both business and education customers.  I, personally, am amazed at the awesome quality of Luidia’s products.  Then, when you realize that Luidia’s products are sold at just a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies, it  just adds to Luidia’s greatness!

I found the original article at

Old whiteboards go digital in Imago deal

UK resellers get access to Luidia display technology that converts old media to digital

Video comms specialist Imago has inked an exclusive distribution deal with US-based projection and interactive whiteboard technology manufacturer Luidia.

Ian Vickerage, managing director of Imago Group, said Luidia’s products should appeal to various business and education customers.

“We expect it to put whiteboard-style technology on the business map in a way that traditional whiteboards have failed to do so far,” he claimed.

Luidia’s products are not expensive, Vickerage said, which should suit the cash-strapped education market.

“There is a real opportunity here for resellers looking to provide customers with technology that can replace their broken whiteboards at a fraction of the cost, or make fresh use of existing whiteboards to improve communication and collaboration between teachers and students,” Vickerage added.

Luidia offers a device called eBeam Classic Projection that is aimed at converting traditional whiteboards, or any suitable flat surfaces, into interactive displays. Digital files on a laptop can then be put through a projector and shown to an audience; for example, in a business meeting.

One specific product, eBeam Edge Whiteboard, harnesses a computer to take content from a traditional whiteboard and turn it into a digital file. Other products include wireless tablet hardware.

5 Awesome Technology Tools for Teachers

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately researching ways that teachers integrate technology into their classrooms (hoping that they’re using eBeam!), and through my research I’ve found some really great websites/blogs for teachers.  Here’s some of the cool tools I found… I hope you’ll take a look!
TILT- Teachers Improving Learning with Technology
This is an excellent blog with informative videos and all kinds of different technology tips for teachers.
Education World: The Educator’s Best Friend
This website has great technology tips for teachers, as well as tools & templates for teachers, lesson plans submitted by teachers, and work sheets galore! Teach With Technology
This site helps teachers to integrate technology into the classroom by offering online tools and resources, such as ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars.
Their cool blog is…
TeAchnology – The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology
This website offers a wide variety of free resources intended to bring educators into the world of teaching with technology. It provides links to valuable and useful educational information, as well as a large variety of free classroom materials and support tools.
Teaching Today – Teaching Tips, Lesson Plans, & More
This site has an awesome “technology integration” section, but it also provides lesson plans, how-to articles, and teaching tips for teachers.

The Ins and Outs of eBeam

So, I know I’ve posted quite a few videos, but I just keep finding really cool ones that I think anyone interested in eBeam would enjoy.  This one is an interview with Jody Forehand, Luidia’s VP of Product Planning, at the InfoComm Show in June of 2011.  Ms. Forehand discusses Luidia’s partnerships with HP, Hitachi, and Chief.  She also talks about the different eBeam options that Luidia provides for both old and new classrooms.  Ms. Forehand really knows her stuff, and she is able to explain eBeam’s technology in a way that is easy to understand.  Very nice!