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Interview with Luidia’s CEO

The following interview was given by Victor Rivero to Rafi Holtzman, the CEO of Luidia.  Victor Rivero is the editor-in-chief of EdTech Digest, a magazine about education transformed through technology.  I found all kinds of cool facts that I didn’t know before… like why the company was named Luidia, specific examples of eBeam uses in the classroom, and also Rafi Holtzman’s ideas about education, now and for the future.  Please take a look at .  I think you’ll be impressed.


eBeam Edge in the Classroom

This video shows an actual 5th grade class using the eBeam Edge to reinforce what they have learned about Native Americans in their Social Studies class.  Very cool!  Please take a look!

Our Biggest eBeam Sale Ever… Continues!

So, my boss must be feeling extra nice because of the holidays, because he’s extended our major eBeam sale prices until 12/31/11!  Please check them out at  You’ll be glad you did!

Luidia Receives Awards for eBeam Technology

Obviously I’m a big fan of eBeam and Luidia, but when I found the following article, I was seriously so happy!   I really believe that Luidia deserves every award possible for their eBeam technology.  They are making a positive difference in people’s lives every day, and for that I applaud them!  I found the following article at

Luidia’s eBeam Technology Leads Market, Recognized With Prestigious Award Wins

SAN CARLOS, CA–(Marketwire – Dec 13, 2011) – Luidia Inc. announced its interactive eBeam technology has been honored with numerous prestigious awards this year from leading industry publications including Commercial Integrator, District Administration, EdTech Digest, rAVe, Scholastic Administrator and Tech & Learning.

“Premium product quality is a key Luidia differentiator — it’s the reason we are able to outpace the competition and experience such significant market momentum with enterprise and education users,” said Rafi Holtzman, CEO of Luidia. “It’s an honor to be recognized by the market, and it reinforces that eBeam technology meets the highest standards of excellence for customers who demand ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability.”

Luidia’s eBeam technology recently received the following awards from leading industry publications:

Luidia Inc. is the leading provider of interactive eBeam technology that helps the world capture and share content. The company’s products are utilized by organizations of all sizes, with hundreds of thousands of users across multiple industries and geographies. Luidia also partners with industry leaders, including Chief, HP, Hitachi, NEC, Polycom and Sony, who apply eBeam technology in their latest products.

eBeam Testimonials

 I’m one of those people that always wants the “real” story.  I prefer to read non-fiction and I love documentaries.  When I’m going to watch a movie, the first question I ask is, “Is this a true story?”.   That’s why I wanted to put some real quotes from real people on this blog.  The following quotations are from actual educators who have used eBeam.  I just picked a few of my favorites, but please feel free to visit for the complete testimonial stories from actual eBeam users.  Very cool.

“With the eBeam, students can actually interact with the presentations… it gets them up and moving.”  Michelle Farnum, Special Education Teacher, VandenBerge Middle School, Elk River, MN

“With the eBeam, my presentation locations are not where there is already installed product or a mounted projector or a full set up.  I can take it with me and turn any place into an interactive environment.  The eBeam allows me to have anytime, anywhere, just in time training.”  and “When I use this at meetings with teachers and principals, they are absolutely amazed by this device.”  Joseph Cannella, Supervisor of Instruction, Radnor Township School District, Wayne, PA

“The eBeam Edge just makes teaching easier!”  Erik Wittmer, 5th Grade Teacher, Park Hills Elementary, Hanover, PA

“Learning styles, interests, and backgrounds differ greatly from one of my students to the next.  As a teacher, it’s my goal to level the playing field, and my eBeam system allows me to do that.  I can use numerous resources to ensure that each lesson is customized and contextualized for all of my unique learners.”  Jeff Caswell, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Arlington Middle School, Arlington, TN

“When we study Language Arts, the words that my ESL students don’t recognize verbally are made clear through visual examples that I can pull up in seconds.” and “I have one student in particular that is on an Individual Education Plan, and he is infinitely more responsive and engaged when we are utilizing the eBeam system, especially when he gets to use it himself at the board.  He latches onto the information.”  Robert Pronovost, 2nd Grade Teacher, Belle Haven ElementarySchool, Menlo Park, CA

Seven Cool Things about eBeam Edge

1.  It’s Portable–  It can turn any standard whiteboard, or other flat surface, into an interactive space.  Only the eBeam Edge, a projector, computer, and a USB cable are needed (Bluetooth enabled versions are also available) to use it absolutely anywhere.

2.  It’s Small–   The eBeam Edge measures less than 8 inches long, and weighs less than 4 ounces.  The stylus is smaller than a regular whiteboard marker.  It can easily fit into purses and laptop bags, or even in a pocket, if you’re on the run.

3.  It’s Easy to Install–  Installation and calibration take only a few minutes and no special tools are needed.

4.  It’s Easy to Use–  The stylus, when used with the cute but effective palette icon, allows the user to manipulate the device with simple taps of the stylus.  With the palette, the user can control the stylus as the mouse, as well as highlight, draw, and annotate on the capture area.  It is user-friendly for all ages, and also for all levels of technological savvy.

5.  It Promotes Sharing–  The presentations created with the eBeam Edge can be shared directly with a classroom of students or a conference room of employees, and can be shared in real time on local networks or over the Internet.  Then, all of the presented information can be saved for future use, or emailed to the participants for review.

6.  Its WOW Factor–  I use this in my home office, and every time I show it to a guest in my home, it blows them away.  Professionally, eBeam Rocks! has done demonstrations to many different people– ranging from kindergarten teachers, principals, and department heads to CEOs, IT Directors, and national sales trainers– and we always get the same response- “Wow!”  It really is a cool product with a ton of great features that help in teaching, training, brainstorming, planning, and more!

7.  Its Low Price Tag–  This is a great value!  It gives you the functionality of a smart board at a fraction of the cost.  “Interactive” or “smart” boards can cost up to $10,000 and of course, need to be mounted in a permanent location.  eBeam Edge Projection is under $750* and can be moved quickly and easily to suit your needs.

*Note- is actually selling the unit for $553.00 right now as part of our holiday sale.